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Our Story

We are a group of dynamic entrepreneurs who think BIG and have the courage to chase our dreams to the finish! We have the grit and passion to help you, our valuable clients, reach your goals, because at Brownleaf Ventures, success is measured by the customer joy we create.

Our proven expertise in the Technology, Marketing and Finance verticals and our business acumen in Trade, Manufacturing and Investment business makes us an ideal organization to partner with, ensuring success for your venture.

Get to know about us

Founded in XXXX, Brownleaf Ventures came to life with a vision to support people and to ensure they succeed in their ventures. A rich combined experience of over 50 years gave us the confidence that we can build some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Indian ecosystem.

The best entrepreneurs, are those who have an experienced and committed team backing them up and we decided to put our expertise to good use by providing handholding and support to our clients, be it for the ideation of products, marketing and research, domain knowledge, government compliance, or to face practical challenges like arrangement of funds, go-to-market, sustainability and growth challenges. etc., each of which is a mammoth task in itself!

Why Brown Leaf Ventures

People look to associate with successful entrepreneurs. We, at Brownfield, look to create them. Our organization has earned the trust of our clients who now work as our trusted partners and stand testimony to our commitment as we drive results and work towards creating success stories.

20+ Years of Experience

Our 20+ years of experience combined with our passion for excellence has created some of the most dynamic and successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields.

We take minimum risk to create wealth

We believe in keeping a close watch on the developments that are taking place in our socio-economic environment. Our skilled research team works on maximizing revenues at the lowest risk, which has successfully created a steady stream of wealth for our investors.

We constantly work on expanding beyond our horizons. Our International Fund has zeroed in on the opportunities available in the global markets, without depending on a single economy to create and maximize wealth.

Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Model

We provide dedicated support for early-stage companies. Our management and training support have gone a long way in creating successful entrepreneurs, building a steady stream of wealth and familiarizing them with the risks inherent in the industry.

Our Working Process

Wealth Creation




Meet the Team

Nitin Garg

A dynamic professional who ensures he makes time to support people with autism. Nitin is known for the support he extends to ASD children/adults

Nitin Garg, An Engineer by Qualification but an entrepreneur by passion. Experienced Advisor with a demonstrated history of working/ Consulting in Education, Fitness, Recreational facilities, Wealth Advisory and Information Technology, Start Up and Incubation Platforms.

An Avid Entrepreneur, a veteran Investor and a passionate mentor imbibes his passion into helping other entrepreneurs participate and grow with opportunities with constant learning being at its core.

Skilled in Finance, Business Process, Scrum, Requirements Analysis, Agile Methodologies, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Nitin holds a B.E. (Electronics & Communication) from Gujarat University and MBA from ICFAI He got his professional learning and cultural values by serving few years in with TCS, Wipro, Symphony Services (Now HARMAN) and Nokia.

He is a fitness enthusiast, enjoys cooking and loves enabling everyone around to be successful and happy. His Interests include Financial Management and Entrepreneurship, creating symbiotic opportunities for everyone to learn, grow and make financial independence. His keen desire is Help people with low income to become economically successful and there upon each person contributes to the nation GDP.
Hobbies include travelling, adventure and investing in financial instruments.

Karan Bindal

A dynamic professional who ensures he makes time to support people with autism. Nitin is known for the support he extends to ASD children/adults

A literature graduate from Delhi University and a post graduate in marketing. Karan has been passionate about entrepreneurship and creating successful stories by helping, mentoring and strategic alliances with other budding entrepreneurs. Early Stint in corporates into Direct Sales, Events, Public Relations, loyalty management and corporate communication helped him to learn professional systems, cultural values and carve his mission. He divulged into his entrepreneurship journey at age of 24. Today Karan is a multi-faceted business man being an industrialist, trader, Builder, investment funds and varied consulting and has more than 200 people working with him.

A prolific Speaker, A mentor in various social and professional organizations and supporting many a foundations his dream is to create successful incubation in startups, women Empowerment, social betterment and thereby helping society and country by contributing to environmental issues, job creation, rural enablement and youth enlighten with core being successful wealth creation and abundance for everyone.

Skilled in relationship building, Network Marketing, Process Management, Business Analytics he strives to ensure every opportunity available can be availed to mutually benefit for everyone around.

He is Sports fanatic, Music Freak and strives to create 1000 successful entrepreneurs as his lifetime mission. He believes, helping and enabling needy should be the basic virtue of every person.

Hobbies include Sports, travelling, learning and in his own words every successful journey is created by vision, purpose, mentors, teams and people around.

Meet the Advisors

Anupam Agarwal

Sameet Mudbidri

Sachin Gupta

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